Wenzhou convention and Exhibition Center to carry out pre-holiday work safety and epidemic prevention inspection

                    Date:2022-01-15   Source:


                           On January 25, Ying Jun, executive deputy general manager of Wenzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, led a team into the company's Zhanyin building to carry out an inspection of work safety and epidemic prevention before the 2022 Spring Festival.

                           In modern city group, under the guidance of risk control legal team first came to the exhibition silver tower entrances and exits, look at and understand detailed inspection registration, personnel on duty unattended, disinfection kill and epidemic prevention work, such as building epidemic prevention management personnel to put an end to paralysis, strictly implement good epidemic prevention and control work, thin taut string "epidemic prevention" in early time of year. 

                            The inspection team then focused on the building's fire safety, electricity safety, as well as the restaurant and kitchen food safety implementation. Inspection team also came to parkson, east yi risheng tenant units, such as building to the offices of fire control facilities and various units and normalized epidemic prevention measures for inspection, inspection group for each unit stressed that must attach great importance to production safety work, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control regulations requirements, earnestly do a good job of security during the festival, All safety regulations will be implemented to ensure orderly and stable work safety and epidemic prevention.

                            Wenzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, as the property management unit of Zhanyin Building, has carried out regular safety inspection on the building in recent years, strictly performed the responsibility of safety supervision, guided and urged the lessee to continuously strengthen the awareness of safety production, implement safety production measures, and ensure the production and operation safety of the building. 

                            The inspection team also carried out work safety and epidemic prevention checks on the company's rental units and Zhanxin building.

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